The Staff:

Lead Administrator:


It is the function of the Lead Admin' to act as final arbiter in all matters pertaining to the World Of Dreams.

Lead Development:


World of Dreams runs on POL, a scripted UO Server. As the POL page states: The only hard coded parts of POL are the networking between the server and client, the functions for scripts, and some other features. "Scripts", are the ecompiled programs that handle, therefore, everything else: From the skill specialization system to house-signs, to How Skills Work. While being generally "like UO, but without 5,000 pinheads online trying to steal your stuff", the World of Dreams continues to develop into its own game, with its own game system. World Design also entails spawning dungeons and wilderness with the "stock critters", putting loot on mobs and otherwise dressing out the world background in as much as those things can be automated.

To join the script team - download POL, install it locally. Learn to escript. Participate in the Script Forum. Write scripts. Email them to Drocket. Have them implemented. Earn the respect and admiration of all.

Player Relations: Siobhan

Player Relations covers welcoming new people to the World of Dreams, heading the Seer and GM programs, and resolving player-admin/player-player disputes.

See also: The Player Guidelines.

Systems Support, and Our Gracious Hosts: Laephis

Responsible, most importantly, for hosting the shard. Laephis also handles any problems with the server and server security (OS/firewalls/file transfer software/etc)

GMs:(aka "the crappy job that no one wants")


The GMs handle the day-to-day operation of matters internal. In general, whenever something goes wrong for a player, the GMs are the ones to come make things right. Examples being: "I am stuck" and "I lost my only house key" and "I can't login!". GMs fix art problems - shop signs, missing doors, etc. And they put merchants in the shops where they are supposed to be or remove them from the places where they aren't supposed to be. That is, they dress the world background in matters which are not automated. GMs do not, however, assist players' characters. They don't recover loot from mobs, taxi players around, resurrect ghosts (unless the ghost is stuck), etc. Rule of thumb: Try to save yourself. Try to get your friends to save you. Try to accept defeat if you can't do either of those. And then try again.

See also: The GM Guidelines






Seers are responsible for creating and administrating quests, keyword'ing NPCs, creating nifty unique items for which a person might want to quest for ... and all matters such as that. If you meet a seer in game, it will almost always be a seer controlling an NPC, or playing a specific role in a quest.

See also:The Seer Guidelines

The Wod Manual


Rising to the challenge of documenting the the ever-changing world, in the the WoD manual. Find something that should be in the manual, but isn't? Write it up, send it to Aardwolf.

The Inactive List