Shard Policies:

Inactive Accounts

Accounts that have not been used for 60 days are subject to deletion. Usually this only involved deleting all characters, houses, and items belonging to that account, leaving the account itself available if the owner returns later. We may occasionally delete accounts, though, in which case and affected (former) players would need to reapply.

If you are going to be unable to log in for extended periods because of real-life issues or problems, you can email Drocket with an explaination. It may be possible to arrange automatic refreshing of your account for a time. Examples of acceptable reasons for extended awaytime would include: Military service, going away to college, signing up as an exchange student, etc.


Houses should be refreshed every month to guarantee that it will not be deleted.

Deeded homes that block pathways or cover roads or farmland are not permitted.


Boats should be refreshed every 2 weeks to guarantee that it will not be deleted. Boats blocking busy areas of the shard (Britain docks, for example) may be moved or deleted anyway.

GM-Placed items

Fencing can be purchased from GMs at a cost of 5k per item (generally 1 item per tile.) Each item also uses up a house lockdown. Very few other items can be purchased from GMs.