Getting Started on WoD

  • Logging into the WoD

  • Congratulations on getting accepted to the WoD! The first thing you need to do is get logged on. Here's how:

    1. Install Ultima Online (duh.) Any version of Ultima Online will work with the exception of the original release (without The Second Age.) WoD requires certain monsters and the like that were included in the first expansion pack. If you're using UO: Third Dawn or later, you must install the 2D client - the 3D client will not work.
    2. Fully patch up with OSI by running uo.exe. (Technically this is optional for UO:3D and later installs, but is still recommended. If you have problems, you can try skipping this step.)
    3. Download the WoD files here. The files are available in both .exe and .zip format. Assuming that you download the .exe version, run it. Press the 'Browse' button and direct it to the location you installed UO to, then press the 'Unzip' button. If you downloaded the .zip file, unzip it to your UO directory.
    4. Download the wodli.cfg file from here. This is the file that contains the IP address of the WoD server, and so, for security reasons, you must enter your WoD accountname and password in order to gain permission to download it. Save that file to your Ultima Online directory.
    5. Run wodclient.exe
    6. Use your WoD accountname and password to log on.
    7. Have fun!

  • Getting Started on WoD

  • The first thing you'll need to do is create a character. The pre-built character templates may or may not work. If not, you'll need to use the 'advanced' option. For your first character you'll probably want to start off with some decent warrior-type skills (at the very least you'll have more time to run away if you find something you can't handle ). A weapon skill is a must.

    In selecting a character name, please make sure that you've read the character naming rules. We tend to enforce them rather strictly (you most likely won't get in trouble, but don't be surprised if your name changes suddenly if you pick something stupid.)

    Although you can start in any town you want, Britain tends to be the center city of the shard. If you select another city, it may be a while before you meet up with another player (or worse yet, you may wind up facing invaders that tend to plague certain towns.) Trust us - pick Britain.

    The first thing you'll probably want to do is head to Britain Bank. Just like on OSI, the bank tends to be the center of activity on the shard. Unlike the bank, on WoD, Britain Bank is located to the north of your starting location (if you picked Britain.) This map may help. There's almost always players at the bank. We're a friendly bunch (mostly) - if you have any questions, most people you meet will probably be happy to help you.

    Also at the bank you'll find the Newbie Box. Players tend to put extra items they don't need in the newbie box. Take a look -there may be something there that you can use. Please don't abuse the box (by taking lots of items and selling them, for example.)

  • Setting your specs

  • This subject is covered in much more detail in the WoD Manual but since its such an important one, the basics are described here. WoD's skill system is significantly different from OSI's. The first main different is that, instead of have a limited number of skillpoints that can be distributed through any number of skills, on WoD you must select 3 skills that can raise to 100 ('primaries'), 3 skills that can raise to 80 ('secondaries') and one more skill that can also raise to 100 but is limited to crafting-type skills (all other skills are limited to 60.)

    To set your specialities, type '.spec'. You'll be presented with a book-type interface that allows you to select your skills. The skills you select also determine your maximum Str/Int/Dex. You can change your selected skill at any time by typing '.spec' again. You'll want to set your specs early in your character's life (even if you're not completely sure what you want to be when you 'grow up') because, once they're set, you'll begin to slowly gain in those skills and gain stats (stats will not increase until your specs are set.) Again, see the manual for more information.

  • Gaining Skills and Stats

  • Skill and stat gain works very differently on WoD as compared to OSI. Aside from the .spec thing, you won't gain in skills by usage (weapon skills, tactics and parry are the only exceptions.) You can set up macros to make all the gee-gaws and widgets you want, but doing so won't result in any skillgain (and probably not even any profit - merchants rarely buy player-made items for more than it costs to make them.) Skills are instead increased by paying a merchat money to train you. Training isn't instant - it'll take a while. During that time you can either play and do something else or log off - your training still continues while you're offline. To train, simply give a merchant some money. Different merchants train different skills.

    Stats tend to increase slowly while you're online. You can make them increase faster by being active. An easy way to increase your stats when you're new (and make some money to get you going) is by doing deliveries for merchants - just walk up to any merchant and say 'quest'. They may ask you to deliver a package to another merchant. If you accept, you can get directions to the recipient by handing the package to guards or other merchants. On delivery, you'll get some money and possibly in increase in Str/Int/Dex.

    Once you're more experienced, you can try doing quests for guards. Guard quests are more difficult but also more rewarding (guard quests tend to involve hunting down and killing an evil monster.) For more information on NPC quests, training skills and all that, again, see the WoD manual.