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Survival Guide


1) If you are from the realm of OSI, Forget all you know from that place. Most of the tactics learned there will kill you faster than you can say "Wow, what just happened?"
2)Read the Manual completely. Some part you might not need today but someday you will. Also you can help other by answering questions on thing you have learned.
3)Keep your self updated by reading the boards and the changes section in the WoD Manual. Some changes will affect your game play and your tactics.
4) The monster here are faster, stronger and meaner than you think.


1) Always make sure you have potions, bandages, reagents and ammo. Make sure to stock before you go out to hunt.
2) Mark (.own) all of your armor, weapons, packs and lose item you might have. This will be helpful in case you die. People will know what is yours and they can also place it in the Lost and Found.
3) Make sure your hunting area is adequate for you character's skill (party skill) and your own personal experience.
4) Know what you will be fighting. If you are going to go kill undead, make sure bring a silver weapon if you have one.
5) Before actual combat make sure to buff. If you are a mage, make sure to cast the following spells. Strength, Agility, Cunning, Polymorph, Protection, Magic Reflection, and Bless.
If you are a warrior try to use wands for Protection and Bless. Wands cast as if they were mage with a skill of 100 in magery and invocation. Also use greater strength and greater agility potions.


1) Always keep an eye in your health bar.
If solo bandage yourself as soon as you get hurt. At times auto-heal will not be fast enough.
If in a group effort try to pair up heal each other. The bandaging time is smaller when you heal others. 2) Go slow and watch your step. If you have tracking use it once in a while. If might help you know that there is a nasty mob around the corner.
3) If you need to run run the way you came. More than likely it will be free of monsters.
4) If you encounter a large group of mobs. Try to pull 1 or 2 at a time.
5) If in a group situation, never get to far away from the group. Always try to keep with in sight of at least one member of your group.
6) If you do go ahead and you have a large group of monster on your tail. Do not bring them all to the group. Better for you to die and have the group help you recover your gear, than having the whole group dead.
7) If there is a mage in your group. Be respectful to them. They will do what ever they can to keep you alive. If you run of it is very hard to keep tract of your health bar making it hard to heal or cure you.
8) If there is a mage in your group. Let him rest up and regain his mana. A mage with no mana can't heal you in combat. Also if you see a fire going try not to disturb it.
9) Mages try using scroll. When casting by the use of scrolls, they do NOT have casting time. Also by casting from scroll the difficulty is lowered by 20 points.


1) Have an emergency pack in your bank box. Make sure it contains all of your basic needs to be able to get back into action. At times you will not be able to recover your equipment. This will allow you to gate to the bank, get your emergency pack, jump back in the gate, equip and be ready for another round.
2) To cut down on the time of "yoinking" your stuff from your corpse. Place all your stuff in a subpack in your main pack. Except your spellbook, runebooks, keys and any newbified items you might have. Make sure to .own the subpack and any other packs in your subpack. This will also help you keep track of what items you have missing. Upon death, the items that people would yoink of you would be your armor, weapon (shield) you were wielding and you Subpack.
3) If you can pay your death tax as soon as possible. That 1 point can be the thing that can save your life.
4) If you can try to carry a wand of life. They are great and fast to resurrect dead players. This way warrior can be using their bandages to heal themselves. Mages don't have to use valuable mana, that they might need to heal other players.


1) If in a group try to select 1 or 2 people to loot.
2) If you are a looter and you have to leave make sure to hand the loot you collected to the other looter. If there is none find someone from the group.
3) Be honest with the loot. A dishonest player keeping certain items will be a lonely player. Seers can keep track of special loot items you got in a quest.
4) When you are back at the bank select one person to do the loot split.
5) When splitting loot there are 3 prevalent styles.

1) Everyone rolls for everything
2) You can only roll for items that can aid the character you used on the hunt or quest.
3) Roll the dice and the highest get to select first and go down the line (not used very often). 


1) All adventuring characters should have at least 60 in Magic resistance. I strongly recommend you have it 80 if you can.
2) All adventuring character should have 60 on archery. Even at 60 skill you can be quite effective. Remember that the Archery skill will determine if you hit. Tactics will determine the damage (Anatomy can also affect damage due to criticals). So when you hit you will HIT!
3) All adventuring character should have at least 60 in magery. This will help you greatly with recall, minor buffing, and healing.
4) Find a niche for your character. Try not to be a jack of all trades. This can hurt your character in tough combat situations.
5) This is mainly for warrior type chars. Select another weapon style other than swordsmanship. There are many players out there with swordsmanship and very few players that use fencing or macefighting. Thus when an auction piece goes on for sale you have less competition. Also in loot split situation, you might just be the only fencer and get the cool sweet kryss of destruction.

In game macros:

1) Make sure to set up a macro in game to use potions and bandages.
To do this create a macro in which you say .heal 1 to use potions and .heal 3 for bandages
2) Make sure to set up macros so you can disarm and arm weapons

You can have up to 3 weapon memorized to switch.
To do so set up a macro to say .disarm and also to say .arm 1
This will will set up your first weapon. For the other 2 just change the second say to say .arm 2 or .arm 3.
To set which weapon is to be armed in .arm 1, You need to be wielding the weapons and say .disarm 1. This will
set .arm 1 to wield the weapons you just had. To set the other 2 you just wield what weapon you want and 
say .disarm 2 or .disarm 3.

3) Make sure to set up a macro to recall for emergencies
To do this create a macro that will say .disarm. Also have it cast spell, recall and the last line to target self.


1) ALWAYS be courteous to the Seers. They are here volunteering their time for your enjoyment. So don't be rude or act inappropriately.
2) Keep in mind that quests are for everyone. So even if you are a newbie and you want to join up go right ahead. I am not sure if you might have a lot of fun and you might be a bit over your head. But nonetheless it can be a learning experience and you can have a lot of fun. 3) When a seer is speaking to you try not to interrupt.
4) If you are looting always keep an eye for notes. A lot of the times people loot notes and they did not notice.
5) Too many cooks spoils the broth. This is so very true in a quest. Try to select a leader, one that everyone can follow and agree on. Try to follow the instructions of the leader. If you have an idea or find something interesting speak up, but don't try to take over the leadership position.


Okay these are a few tips to survive and make your life a little easier in WoD. There are many more out there. I will post more as I remember them. Other players out there might have more tips.

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