Part 3: The Ophidian War

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Part 3: The Ophidian War

Before humans could spread throughout this new land, the old rulers had to be defeated. The Ophidians, the ancient inhabitants of the continent, did not welcome immigrants. They violently resisted the intrusion of humans. It became very clear that peace could not be had, that the only diplomacy they understood was the blade of a sword. The Grand Council was powerless; in the Queen's absence, they lacked the authority to raise an army. The people shuddered in fear of when the next raid would come.

Some refused to give in to the snake-men. Lord Irish had taken a liking to this land, and he'd be damned before he left it to the mercy of the Ophidians. As always, Lady Spring was at his side. They were joined by the Sy, Homer, Ingot Head, and others whose names are lost to the past. The Ophidians were far stronger in those days, and each step forward was a struggle. But slowly, the Ophidians were pushed back, forced to retreat into the underground. Perhaps now they would have negotiated, but Irish would have none of that. He wanted to ensure the snakes would never threaten the land again; he had set his sights on no less than the Queen of the Ophidians.

A moment of clarification is needed. As the five heroes mentioned is only a portion of the group involved in the assault, one queen should be an easy kill, right? Hah! I have killed the queens that currently slither around those dank caves, and though powerful, they pale in comparison to the true Ophidian Queen. Perhaps the Queen Mother would be more appropriate.

The battle against the Queen Mother was very one-sided- in a bad way. Each swipe of her clawed hands was almost enough to cripple a warrior. Weapons blunted on her armored hide and the mightiest spells were shrugged off as mere cantrips. The only saving grace was that the gods were with the heroes. Man after man fell before her power, only to be raised up by the grace of the gods. A small army of Energy Vortexes had been summoned, but the Queen sneered even at these. What was needed was a miracle.

And a miracle arrived. One of the Vortexes struck and hit home! The Queen cried out, having not experienced pain in some time. The heroes realized the power in this Vortex and switched tactics. Everything they could do was done to keep this Vortex alive. Raw magical energy was poured into it as it battled the Queen. Slowly, it bled her life away. But it was not enough. Soon enough, the gathered mages found their mana reserves dry. The Queen prepared to strike down the insolent Vortex, followed by the heroes. But she had not counted on Homer Oldham. A warrior, rather than a mage, he had tried to distract her with a barrage of arrows. The projectiles had little effect, but Homer had not cast a single spell. A bag of reagents was forced into his hands. With his meager magery, he added to the Vortex's strength, picking up where the wearied mages had stopped. The newly rejuvenated Vortex continued to tear into the Queen, but how long could it hold out? Rather than wait for an answer, the heroes made a desperate charge. The Queen staggered back under the onslaught, staggered and fell. The power of the Ophidians was broken forever.

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