Part 2: The Pilgrams Arrive

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Part 2: The Pilgrims Arrive

The world formed and stable, it was time for the pilgrims to enter. Lord Irish and Lady Spring led the influx of adventures and set forth to claim this land. As I wasn't there, I can't say who all was there. I believe that such figures as Mego Stone and the famous Janey first came about this time, and I hear tell it was in the world's infancy that Ingot Head became the first master smith. Homer Oldham, old even at this time but without as many deaths to his credit, was already working to welcome people into the community with the foundation of the Fellowship Tower. Others who came and left their mark on the world in its early hours were the McGees, who opened up a tavern between Britain and the moongate.

During this time, there was little interaction with the government. The Grand Council, made up of the lords of the city-states, ruled in absence of the Queen. The population was small and mostly centered around Britain, although one of the early pilgrims, a wealthy philanthropist by the name of Preacher, set about fortifying Trinsic. By order of the Grand Council, the outpost of Cove was established to keep watch over the nearby orcs, but the budget had little room to place an army there.

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