Part 1: In the Beginning

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WoD History

Part 1: In the Beginning

In the beginning there was darkness. No, this is not one of those stories where some Supreme Being speaks and it becomes bright. Or maybe it is, but not for a little bit. This is darkness in the sense of a Dark Age. You see, many of us, as are many of you, are refugees from a distant land. For years we visited this land and fell in love with it and its people. We had died countless deaths to save this land and its people. But now, we came to it again and found paradise was lost. A Demon King sat on the throne and had betrayed the people. His most serious offense: he stopped dreaming.

Our love for this land was enough that we endured it for months, in some cases years. But eventually, we could take no more. A group of pilgrims set out into the ether to find alternatives.

The first place found by many of the pilgrims was apparently nice if you liked killing and being killed, and nothing else. It seems there were beautiful women there, too, although I guess they tended to get a bit cold. At any event, it wasn't at all satisfying. The thought came to try and duplicate the world left behind. This succeeded and didn't. The Demon Lag had followed the pilgrims, and he brought his brother, Crash. The world could not exist in this form.

But, an alternative was found. The Founders joined together and created the World of Dreams, a mirror of the land they loved, but influenced by their personalities.

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