Part 14: Fallen Monarchs

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Part 14: Fallen Monarchs

One delay after another arose and the Moonglow Tournament was pushed back further and further. A stalemate persisted- cooler heads among the Royalists won out, so they did not resort to violence to end the protest, while the Protestors had to wait for official word from the Crown before they would act.

It was in this atmosphere that one day I Recalled into the throne room. Forgive me while I pause to catch myself- remembering the day still brings up many emotions. At the foot of the throne lay the bloodied corpse of Queen Lissar. I stood there in shock, trying to comprehend who could have done this. Despite the beliefs of some of the Royalists, I knew none of the Protestors would attack the Queen. Could one of the Royalists have been sick enough to kill her, to frame us? I had been outspoken in support of the protest, so if someone found me with the body they might believe I had killed her. I sent word to my friend, Magus, asking for his counsel.

His reply laid my fears to rest. The murder had already been discovered. The assassin was a horse thief known as Kurgat, a servant of Gizash in times past. At this moment, Magus was with a mixed group of Royalists and Protestors persuing Kurgat. I wandered over to the bank, trying to clear my mind. There, I encountered Rykus. I must say I am proud of how the realm came together in this time of crisis. Though we had argued constantly over the weeks past, our first concern now was how to avenge the Queen.

The shrill scream of a gate opening brought us an answer in the unlikely form of Kaboth Bloodsbane. He stepped into the bank, fresh from the battle in Hythloth. Although he had come to Britain for supplies, he agreed to take myself and Rykus with him when he returned.

In Hythloth, an army had gathered consisting of voices on both sides. Magus and Coran stood next to Sir Sy, Royalists and Protestors watched out for each other. Even the archmage, Arcanum, had joined the hunt for the assassin. We arrived in the aftermath of a terrible battle- some of the dead had not been revived, others were missing equipment. The fresh sword arms that Rykus and I added were welcomed.

Hythloth was not somewhere I often travelled. Even in later days, I rarely visit that pit of evil. The upper levels, while dangerous, are benign enough. The lower levels are like a patch of nightmares someone never awoke from. Despite the horrors, Kurgat was still below, so we pushed onward. In a mansion deep below the earth we finally cornered the assassin. He was not alone- several black wisps served as his guardians. I had heard stories of these wisps- in older days, it would take groups of heroes to kill a single wisp, and success was not guarenteed. Ignoring the stories, I charged forward to meet one head on. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw others fight and fall to the wisps, while still others slipped by to capture Kurgat. In this great mansion beneath the surface, Magus, Defender of Moonglow, slew the assassin and avenged our Queen.

The battle ended, many of moved outside. In front of the mansion lay three bodies- a bard, a ranger, and a knight judging by the dress. Each carried a shield baring the Queen's Serpent of Order. There was something foreign about their features, but I could not place it. Documents on their persons identified them as Iolo, Shamino, and Dupre. Anything else was lost in the smears of blood.

A cry of joy and triumph arose from the mansion. Inside a chest, the Orb of Courage had been discovered. My heart was likewise cheered. The monks of Empath Abbey had revealed some knowledge about the Orbs of the Three Principles. When brought together, these three orbs were supposed to bring forth a being of virtue. Or perhaps, they could revive the Queen. Many gathered that day knew what the orbs could do, but I was the only one present who knew all three orbs were recovered. Arcanum had found the Orb of Truth months before, the Orb of Courage was here, and I had been present when the Orb of Love was placed into Ehran's protection. Our mages set to work, and Ehran was soon located.

We made a brief stopover in Britian, to pay our respects to Lissar. From there, it was a quick Gate to Yew and Empath Abbey. One of the Monks met us there and accepted the Orbs. He informed us that the Orbs themselves could not bring this being of virtue to our world. What they could do was locate three items that would accomplish this task. Time was of the essence, since as soon as the spell was cast, various evil beings would also be able to find the items. We decided to split into three groups, each under the command of one of the wizards present. Arcanum and Kaboth Bloodbane would each lead one team. The third I cannot recall, but I believe it was either Elandra Slyvanis or Felix Majen who led. The groups assembled, three gates were made and we were off.

I had chosen to go with Arcanum, as had many of the protestors. Magus, Coran, Alexander, and Ehran were all part of our group. The gate led us to the lair of the Ice Fiends. It was slow going, but we fought our way through without the loss of a single member. However, only a few escaped untouched by the Fiends' transformative magic. Magus, "King Toad", was touched many times that day.

Ours was the first group to compleat the task, but the others soon arrived. We gathered in the Abbey's chapel while the head monk cast his spell. A gate opened in front of the anhk, and a man stepped out. I almost choked when I recognized the man. He was the demon king we had fled from so long ago- the one who stopped dreaming. Lord British.

Some of the Royalists fell over themselves trying to be the first to bow. Our Queen barely cold, and they were so in need for a ruler they would hand over the throne to this tyrant. British, for his part, seemed confused about his arrival in this land so much like his home, and yet so different. He declined the crown for now, declaring that for now, he would remain with the monks to learn about this new realm. With no more answers forth coming, I pushed for the door and fresh air.

Assembling on the fields before the Abbey, many of the other Protestors shared my disillusionment. We had risked our lives to bring that monster into our world? Likewise, they shared my disgust at the Royalists who had begged for British to take the throne. The night ended as Magus, Coran, and myself debated Rykus and a few other Royalists. As always, nothing was resolved.

The protest came to an end over the following days. From our perspective, the Queen was certainly not going to taint the knighthood now. Our other grievances were likewise ended with Lissar's death. Sir Sy urged an end to this debate that had torn apart the realm. He believed she was still alive somewhere, and many of us set out to find her. No traces were ever found, and we finally had to admit, at least publicly, if not to ourselves, the Queen was dead. And with that, we entered into a new era.

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