Part 13: Rise of the Rebellion

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Part 13: Rise of the Rebellion

A Writ of Defiance Hear ye, Hear ye! Let it be known on this day and until resolution is gained, that the undersigned are in direct defiance of the word of Queen Lissar. We, the inhabitants and defenders of this realm, cannot abide by such undenialably negligent choices for the new order of knights. What our monarch presents to us in this mockery of knighthood is an answer to the question, What is the measure of a knight? It seems that the once lofty requirements held by our current knighthood have been diluted to include a single trip to a dank hole with survival being optional. This is intolerable and poor representation of the most noble in the land. Let it be know that the undersigned will fly the shield of Chaos, in defiance of the law of this land until resolution is gained. We will attend the tourney and present our distaste first hand. If the Queen chooses to support our cause and cancel this disaster, we will bend our knee to her once again. Let is also be know that the undersigned will not accept title or land as part of the resolution of this matter. We wish to extend our hand to all those that support this journey. We hold no griveance with any particular knight-to-be. We hold only the greatest respect to Sir Mego Stone, his virtue humbles us all, the true knight or the realm. May virtue guide us, - Xaiver - Magus - Legion - Coran - Alexander - Cyric Wolfsbane - Novous Just

The realm awoke to find a copy of the above on boards in every city. All the undersigned were citizens of Moonglow, but they quickly made it clear that they spoke as individuals, not as representitives of that city. My initial response was to wonder about the water they drank in Moonglow, as it seemed a very strange town.

My initial response fit well with my normally flipant and irrevrent nature. After some thought, I had to revise my opinion. The knights had always been the pinnacle of our warriors. Sir Mego Stone stood high in the regards of all, the Queen's Champion and a hero to all of us. His might in battle had been tested a thousand thousand times, and never had he been found wanting. In any crisis, we knew we could unite behind the knights and they would lead us to victory. But this proposed crop of knights? Aye, some were worthy, like Xavier and Rykus. But so many were like newborn babes- untried, untested, unready. How did one night spent in combat, even in so evil a place as Wind, prepare one for the responsibiliy and honor of being a knight? And if this was all that was needed for knighthood, why were others yet denied? If dying repeatedly in Wind was enough, then why were such figures as myself, Magus, Davian, Janey, Homer, and Siegfried not yet knighted?

I have stated I worshipped Lissar. Although not as close to her as I have been in later days when oft I've been privy to her private mind, I had sworn oaths of loyalty. But how could I justify supporting a decision that would place the defense of the realm into the hand of babes? My decision made, I attached my name to the decree.

Lines were quickly drawn. In defense of the Queen were the Royalists, a name that I suggested and to my pride was quickly adapted. Prominent among them were the knights Sy and Mego Stone, the warriors Rykus, Homer, and Siegfried, and the mage Elandra Sylvanis. Against the Queen were the Protestors- Novus Just had penned the writ, and myself, Magus, and Coran became the most outspoken for our cause.

The issues at hand quickly grew beyond the matter of knighthood. The Royalists tried to affix a number of unflattering terms on us, such as "Rebels" and "Traitors". Many among them felt the protest should be put down with violence. We took issue with this attitude that any dissent with the Queen must be evil. The Royalists beleived that Lissar was infallible. The Protestors were not so confident. We strengthed our resolve, seeing the potential danger the Royalists attitude could bring to the realm. If everything Lissar did was accepted without question, what sort of mistakes might occur? What would happen if the watchdogs were silenced?

So, for our love of the realm, we fought for the purity of the knighthood and for the right to protest.

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