Part 12: Calm Before the Storm

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Part 12: Calm Before the Storm

I fear my mind and memory fail me at times these days (not unlike my sword). I place these two events here, but I am not certain of their proper placement. I know they came sometime after Gizash's resurection and before British's arrival, but they might have preceeded the Wind invasion or followed the Queen's announcement. So, I place them here as a rough estimation, with the caveat that they might be a few weeks in either direction.

I call this period a calm, but only in comparison to what followed. Suspicion remained like that unwanted dinner guest, inhibiting everything. We were blessed with two intense distractions.

For the first, I was frightfully unprepared. My luck had taken a turn for the worse, resulting in the loss of almost my entire reserve of resources. Equipped with the rusted blade I had begun my career with, I had reversed my fortune enough that I was clad in chain- adequate, but far shy of my standard plate mail. A bird dropped onto my shoulder- a carrier pigeon with note attached.

"Demon spawn in Britain." A simple message of a not so simple problem. Monsterous invaders in the capital. Others could handle it this time, I thought. I was not equipped for spawn. Then I noticed the name, in her simple, understated style: "Lissar" It seemed like years since I had first seen her, but my oaths to serve were as strong as the day I swore them. I made my way to the moongate and Britain.

I learned later that Gizash had been spotted in the swamps earlier that day, but I do not think the spawns were his servants. Of course, this leaves the mystery of who sent them. Perhaps the Coven chose this as the first moment to reveal themselves. Maybe Gizash had spoken true of the corupting influence of the sword, and Mego had for a time fallen to its power. Or maybe there is some other evil out there that we have yet to discover.

Thankfully, others had responded to Lissar's call for help. I remember Xavier was there- he might have been all that was needed. My perception might be shaded by the fact that I was using a vastly inferior weapon, but that day I stood in awe of Xavier's power. While I could do little but distract the beasts from our mages, every swing of Xavier's magical axe seemed to fell one of the spawn. He fought and fought without tiring, leaving only corpses in his wake.

There were still others present that day, but most have been lost to history. I believe the young mage Mithril Wolfsbane was there, as I seem to recall by his efforts many lives were saved. And then there was Lissar. Not content to sit in safety while others defended her city, she displayed her mastery of the mystic arts in the streets. I mentioned being in awe of Xavier; I worshipped Lissar. Even without the aid her spells gave us, her presence was a welcome boost to morale. How many can say they fought side by side with their monarch?

Eventually the monsters were beaten back. The city safe, we had time to speak with Lissar on a number of issues. We learned a little more about the Grand Council I mentioned in earlier sections. Some of the prominent citizens (the Defenders as I recall, possibly some of their allies like the alchemist Phandel) had met some of these lords- the Lord Paladin of Trinsic for one. They had been responsible for electing Lissar, which might mean they settled the matters of sucession which led to Lissar on the throne. Whatever the case, the Council consisted of one representative from each city.

Lissar was also asked her opinion on Gizash and the Chaos Shields. She was not sure if she believed Gizash was truely reformed, but she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. As for the shields, she did not see them as evil, but as a valid alternate viewpoint.

Another invasion soon followed in Yew. Dark spawn were roaming the forest town, and once again I responded to the call of help. Far fewer were present for this battle- besides myself, I remember Homer Oldham, Ehran, and Mithril Wolfsbane. I think two others were also present.

What the spawn were after, I can only guess. Perhaps it was a strike at the monks of Empath Abbey, some evil seeking their knowledge. On one of the spawn, we found the Orb of Love, which we gave to Ehran for safe keeping.

In Moonglow, a thriving community had grown around the refugees from Cove and the new arrivals. The city had built a substantial treasury, once planned for use in protecting the city when tempers were hot and talk of breaking with the realm was common. Now, it was to be used to fund a tournament. Queen Lissar announced her intention of attending and honoring the heroes of Wind. Her scribe asked for a list of names, and there was talk of inducting these heroes as knights.

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