NPC Vendors

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The following are keywords that the NPC vendors will respond to. It's nice to enclose the keywords in a coherent sentence. "I would like to buy from thee, what wares have ye?"

Opens a gump showing what items the vendor will sell to you.
Brings up the usual list of items he/she will purchase from you.
Sell All
Brings up a targeting cursor for you to choose an item to sell all of. Sell all will sell EVERY non-magical piece of that item, regardless of quality or color. This is also useful for selling house/boat deeds or other expensive items.
Sell Bag
Brings up a targeting cursor for you to choose an bag to sell everything in that bag.
Walk up to a NPC vendor and ask for a job. The vendor will ask you to make X number of Y items. The type of items that you make is based on your trade skill. The amount of money you make is based on your level of skill. You will get 1 gold per item per 5 points of skill. At 100 skill you will make 20 gold per item. Jobbing is limited to 5k in a real 24 hour period.
Walk up to a NPC vendor and ask for a quest. The vendor will ask you to take a package to so and so in such and such a city. You do not get paid for this until you deliver the item. A few hints: Use the moongates or ship captains to get around. Drop the package on a town guard or other NPC vendor to get directions. Benefits: You get money per delivery, you get to know your way around the world AND you get virtue for doing this.

If you say "account" to a banker, they will now tell you how much gold you have in your bankbox. You can now say "withdraw (amount)" to a banker, and they will try to transfer that much gold from your bankbox to your backpack. Likewise, you can say "deposit (amount)" for the reverse effect. "Deposit/Withdraw all" allows you to deposit all the gold you're holding or withdraw all the gold in your bank at once, respectively.