Magic Resistance (skill)

From The World of Dreams Manual

Magic Resistance

Trained By: Alchemist, Apothecary, Mage, Scribe

Title: Mage

Magic Resistance can reduce the damage done to you by spell casters. When you are targeted with an attack spell the caster's Invocation is compared to your Magic Resistance. The higher your Magic Resistance, the more of the spell you can "shrug off". Unfortunately you can't completely negate a spell's effect.

If the caster of the spell has a high invocation it will be harder for you to resist their spell. The comparison of the two skills (MagicResist and Invocation) generates a modifier to the spell damage. With no magic resistance aganst a high invocation it is possible to take 150% of the base damage. Thus, if a spell generated a base damage of 30 points the invoc/resist modifier increases the damage to 45 points. If the caster of the spell has a low invocation it will be easier for you to resist the spell. The comparison of Magic Resist and Invocation could generate a modifier as low as 50%. Using the same example as before, after being resisted a 30 point damage spell would only do 15 points of damage.

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