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Trained By: Butcher, Provisioner

Title: Anatomist

This is a complementary skill to healing. The higher the anatomy skill is, the faster your healing takes effect. For every 15 points of anatomy you will reduce your healing time by 1 second. This means at 60 skill you reduce your time by 4 seconds and at 100 skill you reduce the healing time by 6 seconds.

Dundee's post:
Anatomy allows you to attempt resurrecting when your healing skill is below 80. If the combined scores for healing and anatomy is greater than 80 then you can attempt to rez'. Healing and Anatomy will raise intelligence.

Anatomy now has Strength and Dexterity descriptions to it. It is not known at this time what they are for.

Critical Hits

The chances of scoring a critical hit are equal to 1/10th your anatomy skill, so that with 60 skill, you will score a critical hit 6% of the time, and with 100 skill, 10% of the time. Once you have scored a critcal hit, the amount of bonus damage done is also dependant on your anatomy skill. With 60 skill, critical hits will do 1.5 times as much damage. With 100 skill, critical hits will do double damage.

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