Adventurer's Guild

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Adventure's Guild

Located in South Trinsic the Adventure's Guild is a way to generate quick adventure. To join the guild you need to pay 1000 gold. It will also cost 100 gold per week to stay in the guild. To pay your weekly membership fees you simply say "Pay" to the guild master.

To recieve a quest from the guild, say "quest" to the guildmaster. When you ask for a quest you will be presented with the selection menu. Instead of having completely random quests available, now there is always 2 groups of evil/hostile npcs at a time who are considered major targets. There will always be 2 quests available for both of those groups (for example, there might be 2 quests for orcs and 2 quests for ophidians.) This should hopefully make it a bit easier for groups to go adventuring together, since multiple people will be able to get quests for the same type of creatures (though not necessarily the exact same creature.)

After a number of quests have been completed for a certain NPC group, that group will be considerer 'beaten back' and a different group of enemies will be selected as a main target. The last 2 quests on the menu are always 'go fetch the item' quests.

To complete a quest, kill the requested NPC type, cut off its head, and return the head to the guildmaster. You don't have to turn in the heads all at once. Each head you turn in will earn you a portion of the total points. Turning in the last head is generally worth a good proportion of the total points for the quest (a bonus for completion, really.) The guildmaster does not accept preserved heads to complete a quest. The amount of the bonus is determined by a combination of the difficulty of what you were sent to kill, how many you had to kill, and how long you had to kill them. If you say "Status" to the guild master, he will remind you of the quest that you are on and how long you have left to complete it. You can transfer guild tickets to another player by saying "transfer" to the guildmaster.

If you request a new quest while you're still assigned to another one, the guildmaster will remind you of your old quest and let you give up on it, if you desire. If you do give up, you'll lose guild standing points. If you accept a quest and then immediately cancel it, you won't be able to take any more quests for 1 hour.

You can spend your tickets at the guild shop. Say "buy" to the guild shopkeep and you'll be presented with a list of the unusual/unique items he has for sale. If you say "Status" to the shopkeep he will tell you how many tickets you have. The table below shows you the things that you can buy. (This list is out of date.)

Item Tickets Required
Greater Heal 1
Tattered Map 100
Frazzled Map 200
Frayed Map 300
Worn Map 400
Ragged Map 500
Metal Laminating Kit    200
Leather Dye Kit 200
Item Repair Kit 1000
Mask Claim Deed 2500
Furniture Dye Tub 5000

You also recieve guild standing points for completing quest. You have a guild title that shows up on your paperdoll (Currently bugged - it doesn't fit.) As you earn standing points, you will be promoted to higher levels. You can lose guild standing points if you accept a quest and then fail to complete it. The table below will show the levels and titles available.

Points Guild Title
Up to 500 Junior Pathfinder
501-1000 Pathfinder
1001-2000 Senior Pathfinder
2001-4500 Junior Trailblazer
4501-8000 Trailblazer
8001-11000 Senior Trailblazer
11001-15000 Junior Guide
15001-20000 Guide
20001-25000 Senior Guide
25001-30000 Junior Pioneer
30001-35000 Pioneer
35001-40000 Senior Pioneer
40001-45000 Junior Explorer
45001-50000 Explorer
Over 50000 Senior Explorer

You can quit the guild by saying "resign" to the guildmaster. If you quit the guild, you lose all of your tickets, your guild standing, and you're unable to rejoin the guild for a week.

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