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Journal of Swind Northwhile

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:25 am
by Xanola
Day 1: My head is killing me again... I'm now convinced I have sampled Ale at every tavern in the lands and am convinced that Britannia's own 'The Haunt' still offers the best ale, but poorest service... I can never seem to find a server there... At any rate, it has been a loong time of me travelling the world in search of the finest, but now it's time to get back to business.
I returned to Northwhile keep to find one of those in my employ missing. As if several years without pay is an excuse to abandon one's post! I inquired about the city to discern her status only to find that she'd been on a three month bender! I promptly requested the local guard to fish her out of whatever hole she was swimming in, but they wanted a bribe to do so, claiming that I was intoxicated myself... really, what are the guards around here coming to? I must publish a missive posthaste, but first I had to deliver some gold to the guards to rescue my girl from herself... I decided to ask the local undertaker for a loan (believing erroneously that that position would have been filled in such a long timespan) in return for my previous efforts taking care of his grounds from time to time. I was immediately beset by hordes of the undead. I sought frantically for a weapon to fend them off, and pulled out a hefty roughly ostrich shaped rock. Forgetting momentarily that this was an enchanted statuette gifted to me by that shifty Mandaris fellow, I began beating at the undead with it. Sadly, my fighting skills are a bit rusty... I broke the figurine and was pummeled down by the mindless creatures. As I regained consciousness, I saw an old friend, Mack, beating them off my corpse...he lifted me to my feet and we looked around. He then saw one of the ghouls wearing my boxers as a party hat and I suddenly realized that I was lighter than normal... the menaces had stripped me of all my goods, and Mack, being the good friend that he is, had provided a robe while I was unconscious to protect my dignity somewhat. He was kind enough to fetch forth my belongings for me, and offer me afew silver weapons to help in the future... I took inventory of my possessions and noticed I had on my person one silver halberd already... of course, expecting the undertaker to have this place clear, who would think to have that at the ready? At any rate, I got my hireling out of the bar and have decided that it is time to go back to training... my skills are a bit rusty, and I cannot abide that... Now that I think of it, I really should include in my missive about the undertaker... that position has too long been unfilled...

Re: Journal of Swind Northwhile

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:49 pm
by Forseti
Ah welcome back mate! Upon my return I checked my bank account and was quite surprised to find that younger me was fiscally responsible. So what did I do? Go out and blow it all on expensive boats! Ah what a great time I have at sea though!