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Magic buff wishlist

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:18 am
by Tamanier
I'm looking for a fair amount of magic items. I'd love the following buffs on either clothing or platemail; swordsmanship, tactics, anatomy, healing, magic resist, archery, parrying, and/or any platemail with decent AR boosts.
I'm also looking for the following on any item/armor/clothes; mining, blacksmithy, alchemy, fishing, lockpicking, lumberjacking, woodworking, tailoring, tinkering.
Also interested in any good swords, shields, and bows as well.
Ill trade what I can, I've got some magics that may be useful to others (pretty much just weapons) as well as maxed blacksmithing and soon to be maxed woodworking and tailoring, and I'll make the rest up in gold.