Changes up to March 24th 2013

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to March 24th 2013

Post by Agata » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:01 pm

- Implemented "dragon" flag in npcdesc for use with slayer weapons.
- Increased the loot for black wisp.
- The lesser wyrms use sea serpent graphics again. Also, decreased their combat skill to 100, it was 180!!
- Decreased the hit points and attack speed of the yamandon.
- Henchmen should now heal themselves when stationary.
- Fixed an objtype migration error in the function for giving a bulk order deed to a player.
- Fixed some errors in Provocation and Stealing scripts in regards to flagging a player as criminal.
- Added the mana stone to the Tinkering menu, no longer need to Modify the Elixer, it's straight from the menu. Also changed obsidian and porcelain to the top if the Magic submenu.
- Updated the heal routines for healing npc elves and gargoyles.
- Changed some spawns regions from Destard and Fire in preparation for Champion Spawns.
- Added Champion Spawn scripts.
- Added npctemplates for Semidar and Rikktor.

- Fixed some indentation in a few scripts.
- Fixed an error where newly generated magic items with lost durability would have hit points over the maximum.
- Some changes to NPC scripts to support higher levels of poison.
- Combat scripts now have a check to fix an item's hit points when they exceed the maximum.
- Fixed the .own command. It now properly adds the owner's name to the item name again.
- Some objtype fixes to the .addflavortext command.
- Some fixes to the search rectangles in the .getinfo command.
- Fixes to drydock routines when an old ship is drydocked.
- Mana stones now work properly when stacked.
- More blocked locations added to Mark and Gate Travel.
- The other slayer weapons now display the slayer info.
- The nightmare is a little tougher now.
- The Yamandon now gives better loot.
- Added meleecaster property checks to tamed AI scripts. It makes the rune beetle more useful.
- Hiryus speak like other dragons now.
- Healing difficulty is now proportional.
- Valentine's Day present creation function added to the logon script.

- Adjusted regren rates for stamina and mana
- Fixed an error that prevented the Name Check script from starting.
- Some fixes to the elemental damage protection.
- When a quiver is equipped, the ammo is exclusively searched inside it, skipping the main backpack search.
- Some cleanups and updates to the magic item creation script.
- Added support for more potent poisons.
- Archery script now check for the max range specific to the equipped weapon.
- Ownership marks now affect the item's name again.
- Adjusted the weight of some containers, and added the Valentine day boxes.
- Added the Valentine's Day bears.
- Added Weapon Range info to the tooltips.
- Giant serpents now drop serpent scales.
- Adjusted the AR and Healing script for Ronin. They are more manageable now.
- Healers are more capable fighters now.
- Preparing Benson for the Imbuing skill, he will be the trainer.
- Provocation skill now uses an alternate way for affecting the Reputation system.
- Fixed an error where the Totem repair kits were having their script changed to the Totem script.
- Trash barrels can be dyed again.
- Slowed down the Invasion speed.
- Some fixes to range checks in spellcasting.

- Updated the AR for Close Helm, Bascinet and Nose Helm
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Re: Changes up to March 24th 2013

Post by Chala » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:12 pm

*Thumbs up* Thanks for all the hard work! This is great!

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Re: Changes up to March 24th 2013

Post by kvothe » Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:15 pm

Wowwww, nice hard work for you Agata, thanks fot it.

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