Changes up to January 2nd 2013

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to January 2nd 2013

Post by Agata » Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:13 pm

- Stat caps now total 225 points. If for some reaspon they don't, the highest stat is increased to make the 225 total. This is applied after setting your caps again.
- Implemented a Complementary Skill capped at 90. The list of choices is determined by the three primary skills chosen.
- Wrestling now has higher damage at higher skill levels. The difference is considerable, but not so much as to render weapons pointless.
- When equipped with a weapon that uses ammo (archery weapons and non-gargish throwing weapons), if your target gets to melee range, you will now attack with Wrestling, but at the weapon's attack speed. If it causes any problems, I will revert this change.
- When choosing a tradeskill, only valid tradeskills are displayed now (wonder why this hadn't been done before!)
- the stonecrafting config file had the gargish stone chest and gargish stone leggings names swapped. Fixed.

- Changed the buried treasure chests to be Pirate Chests.
- The magic item function for random armor/clothing skill bonuses had an error which messed up with the Throwing and Archery bonuses. Fixed, and also added Focus.

- Updated most scripts that scan through all characters in an account so they scan all 7 slots. Some might have escaped my searches.
- Small modification to the player clone guard script to correctly set the titles.
- Changed the location of the sailto script, it is now in an isolated and inaccessible patch of sea outside the T2A region. This takes us one step further in our preparations for opening the Lost Lands.

- Some more changes from array to struct.
- The other quiver (not craftable yet) now runs the onequip script.
- Mailboxes and cat with bowl statues now change their graphics when they have something inside.
- Rune beetles no longer cast Plague. This was annoying when tamed.
- Increased the max craftable items at once from 100 to 1000.
- Cloth armor can now be made exceptional. Can't upgrade to exceptional once it has already been crafted. This will change once Tailoring uses the new menus.
- Fixed an error where stackable items were getting a CProp assigned when crafted, thus preventing them from stacking.
- The stats pages for the web interface got entries added for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

- Some corrections to the crafting config files.
- Druid rune creation wasn't working. Fixed.
- Some variables were being declared as array instead of struct. Corrected all such instances I could find, lets hope it didn't break anything.

- Fixed some typos for the objtypes of the abbatoir and arcane circle deeds in the itemdesc files.
- Fixed a typo in the material needed for the abbatoir.

- Added the Abbatoir and Arcane Circle to the craftable house addons.

- Reduced the AR of gargish glasses, since it is now just an accessory.
- Added lots of new furniture and containers from Age of Shadows, Mondain's Legacy, Stygian Abyss and High Seas
- Graphical changes to the marble and stone benches.
- Rolled back to the original graphics for stone tables.
- Christmas items are no longer saved.
- Made some changes to the housing scripts to support deeded containers.
- Small fix to the sneaking magic effect so charges are updated on the item's tooltip.
- Fixed an error where the humuculous was not being properly created.
- Changed the Bulk Order Deed, it now uses the graphic it was meant to.
- Added support for deeded item preview to the new crafting menu gumps. Just have to add a preview entry to the crafting config entry.
- Renamed the alchemical symbols in the crafting menu, they now have a more informative name.
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