Changes up to December 28th 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to December 28th 2012

Post by Agata » Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:00 pm

- Some adjustments to handle accounts as HSA.
- Smelting script can now use static forges.
- Glass sword and glass staff now use standard colors, no longer will they be dyed to the glass block's color.

- Enabled Gargoyles.

- Updated some descriptions for gargish equipment.
- Added the Order and Chaos shields to the Blacksmithy craft config so they can be repaired.
- Most gargish equipment has been added to crafting menus.

- Forgot to add Stonecrafting to the list of CraftConfig skills. Added
- Forgot to change the objtype entries for the small stone bench and the stone war sword. Fixed.
- Small corrections to the Stonecrafting menus.
- The objtype for the fiddle was wrong in the carpentry config file. Fixed.

- Adjusted objtype of small stone bench.
- Added some new sounds for the flute.
- Added the Stonecrafting scripts.
- Added the mallet and chisel to the tinkering craft menus.
- Moved all statues and stone items to the Stonecrafting menus.
- The fiddle is now craftable.

- Some adjustments to colored stone tables to match the stone bench colors.

- Removed duplicate StoneChair item.
- Finished scripting the stone bench deeds.

- Started work on Stonecrafting.
- Raised AR of gargish leather armor to 17.
- Made some Line of Sight corrections to ranged combat scripts.
- Added Line of Sight checks to Context Menus.
- Added some new stone furniture.
- Modified the Lockdown scripts to handle colored deed items.
- Tooltips weren't displaying alchemy bonuses. Fixed.
- Added some desc entries to all hairstyles.
- Fixed an objtype migration error in player merchant release routine.
- Added the Fiddle musical instrument
- Stone can now be mined.

- Added preliminary context menu suppport. This will be refined as we go.
- Merchants, Bankers and Stable Masters have working context menus.
- NPCs now receive bonuses from Meditation and Focus for recovering Mana.
- Added meditation to several Tokuno monsters.
- The Rune Beetle and Bake Kitsune will now heal their owner while tamed.

- Crafting sound adjustments.
- Fixes to itemid scripts for magic jewelry.

- Corrected the entries in tinkering.cfg file for retaining the material's color, should be "retain" instead of "retains".
- Eliminated a redundant message in itemRepair script.
- Fixed woodworking and newtinkering scripts where they used "retains" instead of "retain" while checking for retainign material color.
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