Changes up to December 21st 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to December 21st 2012

Post by Agata » Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:39 pm

- Added the Mark and Exceptional tags to several more craftables.

- Lowered the Magery skill required for each circle.
- Readjusted the weapon damage and speed for throwing weapons.
- Lowered the attack speed of the tsuki wolf and yamandon.
- When applying Benson's oil to an item, it will now retain the color.
- Added some missing reagents to the Sell Bag checks.
- Protection from Paralyzation potion works again. This was an objtype migration problem.
- Cleaned up the scripts for essence of fire/frost potions.
- Some more preparations for implementing the new crafting menus on blacksmithy.cfg
- New crafting menus now give you the choice of a crafted item's desired quality.
- Made the Upgrade Options available to the tailoring menu when crafting the new armors.
- Migrated the Tinkering skill to the new crafting system.
- Added the .gp command for getting individual CProps from items.

- Made default Autoloop to 1.
- Centered the title on Item Craft Info gump.
- Removed HTML tags from TinkMenu.cfg

- Updates to crafting gumps, now shows the chance of upgrading to Exceptional.
- Parts list should now display correctly for assemblies.
- Specified the clock as an assembly.

- Some adjustments for the new Tinkering

- Some fixes and cleanups to the new crafting system.
- Started work on the new Tinkering.

- Some file cleanups.

- Permission changes

- Changed the moongate config file to match that of the live server.

- Some more work for sailing in Tokuno.
- A few adjustment to container gump areas.
- Added a few deeded elven items to old deeds.
- Added the new containers to the rotate script.
- Alchemy is now a tradeskill.
- Cooking skill now recognizes the Elven Stove as an oven.
- Added the Autoloop package for the new crafting system.
- Added the Axe Thrower to the list of Tailoring craftables.
- Added the shuriken, throwing dart, and throwing axe to the list of Tinkering craftables.
- Added support for elven forge and gargish soulforge to the smelting script.

- Added the elven beds and the futons to the bed deed's chooser.

- Added the Samurai Empire lanterns.
- Added the shoji screen and bamboo screen.
- Moved the wooden shields to the Armor section.
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