Changes up to December 10th 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to December 10th 2012

Post by Agata » Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:37 am

- Added a few equip sets for the new enemies
- Added support for bonuses to HP, Stamina and Mana to the monster templates
- Changed the Samurai Empire armor ratings. Now leather ninja armor is as good as studded leather armor, and the studded samurai armor is as good as ringmail.
- Added the new Axe Thrower weapon.
- Reworked the archery combat script. This is an initial attempt to rebalance the skill.
- Several weapons have been rebalanced in terms of speed and damage.
- Added the new christmas decorations.
- Enabled the latest house tiles.
- Added the Strength Requirement for armor to the tooltips.
- Some fixes to the domestic animal templates.
- Added the remaining Samurai Empire enemies.
- Several fixes to the archer AI to recognize the new equipment as well as the items which had their objtypes changed.
- Added the Samurai Empire clothes and armors to the crafting menus.
- Added Tokuno's Winter Spur to the list of Frostwood zones.
- Added support for day and night to the other realms.
- Fixed several errors in the moongate menu routines.
- Fixed an error in the MerchantSpawner where the merchant's homepoint was not properly handled for respawning
- Added Makoto-jima, Homare-jima, Yomotsu mines, Fan Dancer Dojo, and partial Isamu-jima to the Region Spawner.
- Delimited weather system to Britannia. This is temporary until I find a way to have separate weather for all realms.
- Added Lighting regions for the new realms.
- Added music regions for Tokuno's dungeons.
- Fixed an error where they keyring wouldn't unlock the new ships.
- Logoff routines now properly detect the new ranged weapons that require ammo.

- Added the entry "localized" to npcs whose appearance and clothes should be dependant on the zone they spawn.
- Updated tiles.cfg to match the new tiledata.
- Modified the Woodland Belt to work as an alternative to leg armor. The leaf tonlet is UGLY, so I though maybe a Woodland Belt and a pair of boots would look better. Or even with some kind of pants underneath.
- Some new lootgroups
- Some more changes to update the tooltips properly.
- Modified the shuriken thrower, it's now the leather ninja belt.
- Christmas Stocking now uses the correct gump.
- Added the Elven Quiver to the containers and craftables.
- Added npcdesc entries for Bake Kitsune, Fan Dancer, Hiryu, Oni, Revenant Lion, and Rune Beetle.
- npc_setup script can now handle "named" color ranges for monsters. New custom functions must be written for each named range.
- Added a few spells to the npc_spellcast script, allowing npcs to cast raise dead, plague, summon spirit, and wraith's breath.
- Reorganized the Blacksmithy crafting menus. This is in preparation for the whole bunch of new items to come. They have all been added. Might have forgotten a few. They are disabled until everything is ready.
- Tightened the Blacksmithy Menus so more items can fit. It wasn't enough for all the new stuff.
- Added support for Poison Immunity, Poison Resistance, and Poison Weakness in npcs.
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