Changes up to November 22nd 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to November 22nd 2012

Post by Agata » Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:19 am

- Some fixes to npcdesc files so human merchants and townspeople have random skin color.
- Enabled elf character creation and elven house tiles.
- Elves now have 50 bonus mana.
- Added Dex penalty to Vulture Helm and Winged Helm.
- Humans now get more hides when carving a corpse.
- Humans get more logs when lumberjacking and more ore when mining.
- Humans get 100 more carrying capacity. This affects stamina consumption.
- Elves get a 20% higher chance of getting colored ores while mining.
- Lockdowns and secure container limits have been raised. Max lockdowns is now 750 multiplied by house value. Max secure containers is 10 multiplied by house value.
- Various fixes to npc_setup.src for coloring npc skins for elves and gargoyles.
- Added .makeelf and .makehuman commands for converting player characters between races.

- Added elven boots to the TownGuardElf equip template
- Leather shorts are now studded, and their Armor Rating and Strength Requirements have been set to match that.
- Elven Spellblade is now correctly set as a two-handed weapon. The damage and speed now matches that of a double weapon.
- Numerous fixes to the npc_setup script.
- Added support for elven and gargoyle henchmen.
- Added all elven weapons, armor and clothing to the corresponding crafting menus.
- Added henchmen to the spawn region for Heartwood.
- Some adjustments for elves and their equipment to the dressme script.

- New equip sets for elves in equip.cfg
- Removed international characters from the list of random elf names in names.cfg
- Various changes for spawning elves
- Benson's potion now set for live server, no more bypasses on checks for exceptional
- Merchant quests now include Heartwood and Sea Market
- Several npcs can now train you in Throwing
- Added townspeople spawning to Heartwood
- Dress sets for elves have been added to dressme.src

- Fixed .fixcustomitems dot command. Graphics for elixir was wrong.
- Added .fixitemsonmerchants dot command for fixing custom items sold by merchants
- Some fixes to deeds to allow GMs to place certain items.

- Fixed an error on paintboat where the ship hold wasn't being painted
- Ship keys weren't being destroyed on drydock. Fixed.
- Added some checks to make old ship deeds work again
- Some names changed on the random name lists
- On the character creation scripts, made sure points spent on Chivalry were moved to Leadership, thus "fixing" the Paladin. Also did the same with Focus, moving it to Meditation
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