Beginner's Guide to WoD Terminology

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Beginner's Guide to WoD Terminology

Post by Laephis » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:19 pm

Any online game has its own vocabulary, and the World of Dreams is no exception. Most of these words and phrases are culled from a variety of other games and online experiences, but a few may be new. To help those of you who are starting in our world out, here are some of the common expressions you may hear on WoD:

* AFK - Away From Keyboard
* Benson - An NPC that deals in magic items. Also used to refer low-quality magic items that would probably be best used as trade material for Benson
* BRB - Be Right Back
* Buff - A spell or effect that helps your character. For example, Strength and Bless
* Clone - An NPC duplicate that you can leave behind when you log off
* Death taxes - The skill loss that accompanies dying
* Debuff - A spell or effect that hurts your character. For example, Weakness and Curse
* Dot command - One of the special commands that you can use on WoD that are preceded by a period. For example, .online
* GM - Game Master, the people who are running the shard
* Humuc - Homunculus, a small flying creature that alchemists can create that follow their master around casting useful spells
* Gump - A pop-up window in-game. For example, .online
* Kiddie Wisp - A blue wisp sometimes granted to young players (as in real-life age young, generally 12 and under) to help them out. A kiddie wisp behaves similarly to a Homunculus in that it follows its master around casting useful spells, especially heal
* MOB - Mobile. And NPC, especially used to refer to aggressive NPCs
* NPC - Non-Player Character: A person or monster in-game that is not being controlled by another player
* Party - Sometimes used to refer to a festive bash, party usually means a group of players who go out hunting together
* POL - The server emulator that WoD runs on
* Primary - One of the 3 skills that you specialized in that can go to 100
* Secondary - One of the 3 skills that you specialized in that can go to 80
* Seer - A sub-class of GM, they run quests
* Skillcap - The maximum limit that you can gain in any one particular skill
* Spec - The skills that you selected to specialize your character in
* Statcap - The maximum limit on stats that you can gain. This is determined by when skills you chose to specialize in (via .spec)
* Totem - An item that can change into a creature and then back into an item. For example, an obsidian horse
* Yoink - the act of grabbing something, especially loot off a monster's corpse
* Young - A new player. The title [young] will appear above the head of a new account for the first 40 hours of playtime.


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