Frequently Asked Questions about WoD Rules

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Frequently Asked Questions about WoD Rules

Post by Laephis » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:15 pm

PvP and PKing

What is PvP and PKing?
PvP is combat between players who have agreed to fight. PKing is attacking another player without their permission.

May I engage in PKing?
No, absolutely not.

May I engage in PvP?
If you have explicit permission from the other player that they want to engage in PvP, yes, you may.

What do you mean by explicit permission?
Explicit permission means that the other player very clearly gave his permission to fight. "Hey Bob, do you want to go fight?" "Yes, I would" would qualify as explicit permission.

Are there any areas set aside for PvP?
Although its not specifically set aside for PvP, the Arena in Jhelom is a good place - if you die in the Arena, there is no skill loss (death taxes.) You should only engage in PvP in areas where there are no innocent players who may accidentally get hurt - go somewhere private.

Bob is standing in the arena - may I attack him?
No. Being in the arena does NOT automatically qualify as willingness to engage in PvP.

Bob called me a (bad word) - may I attack him?
Absolutely not. If you're bothered by them calling you a (bad word), page a GM.

I'm good friends with Bob in real-life. Can I attack him just as a joke?
If you're really sure Bob won't mind, you can. If he complains, though, it doesn't matter how you know each other - rules are rules.


What are the rules on character names?
You can read about them here.

I've used (some stupid name) in all the other games I play - why not on WoD?
If we controlled what people named themselves in other games, you probably wouldn't be using it there, either. We don't control names elsewhere, though - just here.

I saw a character named (something really stupid or insulting). Why hasn't it been changed?
Possibly a GM hasn't seen it yet, or possibly we don't know what it means. If you want, you can page a GM and let us know about it.

Can I name myself - Pick one: (A swear word in a foreign language) | (an illegal drug) | (a prescription drug used for yeast infections) | (an herbal supplement used for impotence) | (an over-the-counter nasal medication)?
No, you can't. We have Google and we're not afraid to use it. (and for the record, yes, we've had people try all of these.)

Can I use aLTeRnaTInG cAps in my name?

Can I name myself after a character in a book|movie|game|famous person?
You can try, but don't be terribly surprised if we change your name.

There's already a character named John Smith - can I be named John Smith too?
No. The system will automatically check for duplicate names when you create your character and ask you to pick a different one.

I see there's another character named John (somelastname) - can I name myself Tom (somelastname)?
Usually. If its a 'common' last name (Smith, Jones, Johnson, etc) then its probably just fine. If its an 'established' family in-game, though, and they object to having someone else in their family, we may ask you to pick a new last name.

I want to change my name: How can I do that?
Page a GM to talk about it.

Kiddie Wisps

What is a kiddie wisp?
A kiddie wisp is similar to a Homunculus in that it follows its master around casting useful spells such as heal and cure. Kiddie wisps can be requested for young players to help them deal with the difficulties of the game

I'm new to WoD - Can I have a kiddie wisp?

Probably not: when I say 'young player', I mean actually physically young, not the [young] that shows up above the name of new players.

What are the age limits on a kiddie wisp?
As a general rule, we tend to limit kiddie wisps to players under 12 years of age, but each case is dealt with seperately. Some youngsters are advanced for their age and really don't need one even though they may not be 12 yet, while others may need one until they're a bit older.

How can I get a kiddie wisp (for me/for my child)?
Page a GM.

If I see someone with a kiddie wisp, is there anything special I should do?
Since people with kiddie wisps are young players, try to be patient with them. They probably aren't the best (or fastest) typists. Also, please behave yourself: we take mistreating children very seriously here (cursing, scamming, tricking, etc.)

Bob has a kiddie wisp, but I know that he's not a kid
Please page a GM and let us know about it. Unfortunately, some people abuse the trust of the WoD staff and try to get a kiddie wisp even though they don't qualify for one. This is considered an exploit and will be investigated and dealt with.


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