Changes up to January 22nd 2013

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to January 22nd 2013

Post by Agata » Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:38 pm

- Order and Chaos guards now wear the AoS Winged Helmets
- Increased the stat gain odds a little.
- Death robes can now be sold and also made into bandages.
- Corrected a small error where npcs with Poisoning skill weren't raising said skill when fighting. The defender was raising the skill instead!
- Changed the animation for Frost ammunition in the Archery script.
- Implemented the HeavyCritical multiplier. The melee combat script now uses this property to increase the critical hit chance and damage. Currently I set it to all Heavy two handed weapons.
- Corrected the Mounted animation entries for Paladin Sword and Tetsubo. There might be other weapons with such errors.
- Removed Syslog messages from trash barrel scripts.
- Added some more craftables to the Woodworking and Stonecrafting menus.
- Added the Gargish Candelabra to the lighting package.
- The Runebooks had no price. Fixed.
- Magic weapons and armor now explicitly show their AR and Damage bonus in the tooltips.
- Now treasure chests that require lockpicking to open don't show their item count in the tooltips until opened.
- Fixed an error where weapons and armor sold by town merchants would have a random quality, effectively making them overpowered. This error has been there since the 095 scripts. It is weird!
- Discordance and Provocation scripts now display an appropriate message while requesting a target.
- Potions now check for the drinker's alchemy skill and raise their effect accordingly.
- Added the Winged Helmet and Paladin Sword to the Blacksmithy menu.
- Some cosmetic changes to the crafting gumps.
- Elven spinning wheels now work with the tailoring scripts.
- Fixed a Line of Sight check issue in the Detect Hidden script.
- Lowered the difficulty of the Healing checks for players.
- Removed a check that would screw up player deaths while within a certain rectangle in Moonglow.
- Migrated the Alchemy skill to the New Crafting System.
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