Changes up to December 13th 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to December 13th 2012

Post by Agata » Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:09 am

- Added the short cabinet, had forgotten to do that. Also forgot to mention I added most of the Samurai Empire wood craftables.
- Added again, as it is needed by tinkering. Once everything has migrated to the new menu system, it will finally disappear.

- Moved the fletch and furnituredyetub scripts to the woodworking package.
- Deleted the carpentry package.

- Added a new Crafting Menus system
- Added the new woodworking package for replacing the old carpentry package.
- Beginning to add support for Alchemy as a tradeskill.
- Advanced Potions no longer require an Alchemy skillcheck for safe usage.
- Started work on adding the new menus to the other skills.
- Enabled the Focus skill.
- Implemented Focus regeneration bonus to Mana.

- Eliminated all calls to CheckLineOfSight(), seems like it's not working correctly. Replaced it with CheckLOSAt() which works much better.
- Some modifications to the boat scripts for sailing in Tokuno.
- Some nerfing to the Yomotsu, they were too powerful.
- Some fixes to shrunknpcs routines, they had old objtypes.
- Added the new wooden weapons to the Carpentry menus.
- Finished adding the Tokuno spawn regions.
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