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By playing on The World of Dreams, you agree to this stuff
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Player Guidelines

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This document is intended to serve as a guideline for players, both as a Code of Conduct as well as a Bill of Rights - as most of the restrictions placed on players are actually to ensure the other players have an enjoyable environment in which to play. Most of the rules are somewhat vague, use common sense and adhere to the spirit of the law. Listed below are undesirable activities from which players should abstain:

1. Harassment. This includes making out of character threats, sending unwanted messages when asked to stop, using offensive language, making unwanted out-of-character attacks or comments, or using in-character justifications for what are really out-of-character assaults.
2. Attacking other characters without the players' consent. This is not a PK shard, it's players versus the environment. Consensual PvP - where the players agree their characters will fight, an organized war, a challenge to duel which is accepted, etc. - is allowed.
3. Theft. This includes taking items from other players' houses without their permission, looting their kills, looting other players without their permission. Don't take things that don't belong to you. Tame animals and animals in houses, pens or corrals should be considered the property of the person that owns house, pen or corral, or is the pet's master.
4. Sexually explicit language, cursing, and slurs are not permitted in public areas, nor as part of character names. Such language may be prohibited even in private messages, to the extent it amounts to harassment.
5. Asking GMs or Seers to change your stats or skills (except in the case of repairing damage caused by a bug) is not permitted, nor is getting or asking them to create items, npcs, or to confer any other unfair advantage.
6. Players are limited to one account, which is in turn limited to 5 characters.
7. If you find a bug, you must report it. Taking advantage of a bug is not permitted.
8. Making false accusations under these rules is itself a punishable offense.
9. Absentee macroing while in public. This is rude. Having a macro that spams the screen while you're away is doubly rude.
10. Being obnoxious repeatedly, or as a matter of playstyle. Giving a character an inappropriate name is considered obnoxious behavior. [see below]

Violations of these rules should be reported to GMs. If immediate action is necessary, the GM will jail the offending character and report the incident to Player Relations.

For most offenses, Player Relations will afford a punishment suitable to the scale of the offense:

* In the case of Harassment, PKing, or Theft, the offending character may be, and probably will be, deleted. For repeated offenses, the matter will be referred to the Lead Administrator.
* For deliberately crashing The World of Dreams, the matter will be referred to the Lead Administrator.
* For any other offense, a warning is likely on the "first offense". Repeat offenses will result in loss of stats, lowering of skills, bankwipes and other property deletion, or character deletion. Continued offenses beyond that point will be referred to the Lead Administrator.

The Lead Administrator will afford a punishment suitable to the scale of the offense(s) up to, and including, banning the account.

* Players have the right to play free of harassment.
* This is not a PK shard and players can expect they will not be randomly attacked by other players.
* Players should lock their homes, lockdown their furniture, use such security as the game provides. However, players still have the right to expect their fellow players will not take their things.
* Players have the right the play without having to listen to sexually explicit language, cursing, and slurs. Keep in mind, however, that when players are alone, they can say anything they like. Players, GMs and Seers who are concealed and eavesdropping on other players, are forfeiting their right to be offended by anything they might hear.
* Players do not have, because we cannot guarantee it, the right to privacy. Other players can move while concealed and eavesdrop (although this could also be considered as obnoxious behavior). GMs and Seers will need to watch players from time to time without the players' knowledge or consent. However, GMs and Seers will limit this activity to such times as it is necessary for the completion of the task at hand. i.e. Seers will secretly monitor players when the seer is running a quest, but not otherwise. GMs will secretly watch players when the GM is answering a help page or as part of an investigation, but not otherwise.

Note that any other sort of behavior may or may not be deemed appropriate for WoD. We try to maintain a "family friendly" environment. If a situation arises in which an Admin feels players need to stop doing something, the admin will advise the players to stop doing it. That advisement should be considered by the players as an immediate amendment to the rules of WoD.

What is an inappropriate name?

An inappropriate name is a name that one of the GMs, Player Relations or the Lead Admin thinks is inappropriate. If you choose an inappropriate name, you'll be renamed to Bob, or Joe or Fred or Sue (or anything else the GM decides to name you).

In general:

* Don't name yourself after a fictional character from any popular sci-fi or fantasy adventure novel, movie, or game.
* Don't name yourself something kewl.
* Don't name yourself something that makes you sound like the evil-dude from a bad D&D novel.
* Don't name yourself after a comic book superhero or supervillain.
* Don't name yourself something stupid.
* Don't name yourself something that is funny the first time you see it, but then gets less funny each time you see it after that.

Please note: The "Do not give yourself an inappropriate name"-rule applies even if you see some other player's character with a name that you feel is inappropriate. If a GM has decided someone else's stupid name is permissible, this does not mean that you can name yourself something stupid.

What if I don't like these rules?

You are welcome to go play somewhere else, go outside and take a walk, start a garden, or in fact engage in any activity which does not involve you connecting to the WoD server. Perhaps you could start a new hobby, such as collecting belly-button lint. Consider yourself invited to the world (the real one).


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